Diabetic foot ulcer

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RESULTS: The significant negative correlations between demographic data such as age, duration of diabetes mellitus, duration of diabetes ulceration treatment and a lower level of quality of life were found across the sample. The statistically significant differences according to clinical characteristics such as Wagner classification, frequency of foot ulcers, present peripheral vascular diseas and pain in terms of quality of life were also revealed.

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Significant differences of quality of life among Visegrad countries were revealed: Hungary's participants had a worse quality of life than others, while Slovak participants expressed lower satisfaction with their health than Czech. Significant differences between patients of Visegrad countries were found in all domains of quality of life: physical, psychological, social and environmental.

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We have to respect socio-demographic factors and clinical characteristics in nursing care. This could have an impact on managing patient care not only with regard to their diabetic foot ulcer but also with regard to the patient as a personality with their own problems in relation to physical, psychosocial and environmental conditions. Diabetic foot ulcer article is protected by copyright.

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