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The presentations aimed to give an insight into the scientific work of Semmelweis University from the beginnings up to the present day including the direction of research in the future. The event was opened by dr.

Automation and control are used constantly to enhance productivity and quality, as well as to provide safety and, most importantly, to improve the quality of life. Closed-loop systems and smart devices can be found in home appliances, automobiles, aviation and more. As in other aspects of life, the principles of automation and control can be used in medical devices and in the management of Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus T1DM. The idea of an algorithmic or technological way to automate glucose control is not new and has been researched for more than four decades. However, improvements in glucose sensing technology, insulin delivery and communication, together with advances in control and systems engineering, have made this dream of an artificial pancreas possible.

Béla Merkely, Rector and dr. Takács, Director in his opening speech.

Download PDF Abstract Objectives Frozen and freeze-dried plasmas may be used for local prothrombin time system calibration, for direct international normalized ratio INR determination, and for quality assessment. The purpose of the present study was to evaluate the usefulness of INRs assigned with various types of thromboplastins to frozen and freeze-dried pooled plasmas obtained from patients treated with vitamin K antagonists. Methods INRs were calculated according to the international sensitivity index ISI model using various thromboplastins and instruments, i.

In his opening speech Dr. Béla Merkely, Rector. Péter Kempler gave a presentation on the history of the Hungarian Diabetes Association from until present days.

Diabetes 9, Presentation and Clinical Features

Péter Kempler also introduced some of the most important projects, events and results of the Hungarian Diabetes Association. The HDA has recently concluded two beurer vércukormérő cooperation type one diabetes presentation with the government. One of these enables the prescription of medical appliances and equipment for patients online.

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In conclusion he presented the latest scientific study of HDA, which examined the prevalence, incidence, complications and costs of diabetes through database analysis.

Following dr. István Takács.

Она открыла глаза, словно надеясь увидеть его лицо, его лучистые зеленые глаза и задорную улыбку, и вновь перед ней всплыли буквы от А до Z. Шифр!. Сьюзан смотрела на эти буквы, и они расплывались перед ее слезящимися глазами. Под вертикальной панелью она заметила еще одну с пятью пустыми кнопками.

Zsuzsa Kerényi, head physician talked about the history of diabetes treatment through her personal experience. Zsuzsanna Putz presented the genetic background of diabetes and its complications.

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Erica Nishimura scientific vice president of the Novo Nordisk Diabetes Copenhagen talked about the perspectives in diabetology, dr. The last program on the schedule gave an opportunity to dr.

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Anna Körei, dr. Márk Svébis, dr.

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Orsolya Vági and dr. Tamás Jávorfi, the young diabetologists of the department to introduce themselves.

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