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Image caption, Dr Alison Lovegrove said the high-fibre white loaf tastes the same as normal white bread Healthier white bread could be available on supermarket shelves within five years after scientists discovered how to double its fibre content.

A group of scientists has pinpointed the genes responsible for the dietary content of flour.

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They say the new flour offers a range of health benefits such as a reduced risk of cancer, diabetes and obesity.

Study lead author Dr Alison Lovegrove said the high-fibre loaf would taste the same as normal white bread.

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The team's work identified the parts of food for diabetics nz wheat genome controlling fibre content of white flour. Image source, Rothamsted Research Image caption, The team's work included wheat embryo isolation "Using conventional breeding techniques, we crossed this high-fibre trait into several other varieties," Dr Lovegrove said. Wholemeal has about 3g.

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Wholemeal bread is widely regarded as being healthier but white bread still outsells it, making up three-quarters of the roughly 12 million loaves sold in the UK each day.

Dr Lovegrove said: "We made some bread from our high fibre wheat and it cukorbetegség kezelés perga exactly the same. We think it will take five to six years as a best case scenario.

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